A&P Advises Development Bank of Belarus on Expanding its Mandate to Conduct Venture Capital Financing

Aleinikov & Partners has been advising the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus (DBRB) in drafting a regulatory legal act aimed at amendment of the Belarusian legislation to entitle the DBRB to conduct venture capital financing.

Following a tender submitted by the DBRB in October 2019, Aleinikov & Partners has been selected to advise the Development Bank within the frames of the Program “MSME Access to Finance Project in the Republic of Belarus” to be jointly implemented with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD). Initially we have comprehensively explored theoretical and practical aspects to design a set of measures, which shall be introduced to expand the Development Bank's mandate as regards funding by venture capital.

DBRB is a specialized financial institution established in accordance with the Presidential Edict in June 2011. The Development Bank is founded by the Council of Ministers and the National Bank of the Republic Belarus. The prime objective of the DBRB is elaboration of financing system for governmental programs and implementation of investment projects of social importance.

Areas of practice: Venture Capital